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NOTICE: Regulatory Requirement for Reporting Drinking Monitoring Sample Results

This is a message from the State Water Resources Control Board.

The Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP) is issuing the attached Notice of Regulatory Requirements for Reporting Drinking Water Monitoring Sample Results. This Notice is directed to California public water systems and accredited laboratories.

The Division of Drinking Water has learned of instances where laboratories and public water systems have failed to comply with reporting requirements of the California Safe Drinking Water Act.

Laboratories and public water systems are required by law to report the results of monitoring samples and maximum contaminant level violations in a timely manner. Furthermore, laboratories, public water systems, and system operators are required by law to be truthful and accurate in their reporting. Failure to do so could result in consumption of contaminated water for an extended period, endangering public health. It may also result in an enforcement action. This advisory provides information about the regulatory reporting requirements and the possible consequences for failure to timely report sample analyses to the Division.

For questions about this notice, email ELAP’s technical inbox at

This Advisory Notice is also available to view on the ELAP Enforcement Webpage.

Advisory for CWS_Reporting Req FINALv3
Download PDF • 386KB

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