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 CSEA Vendor Directory  

Our vendors play a pivotal role in ability for lab analysts to serve and meet the needs of their communities with the best technology and services available to the lab industry.  Below is a list of our active CSEA vendors. Please feel free to contact the representative provided for any business, sales or PR inquires. 

Main Contact:
Michelle Wade
A2LA WorkPlace Training (AWPT)  |  Trainer/Consultant




(913) 449-5223

Company Address:

5202 Presidents Court,

Suite 240, Frederick, MD 21703

About A2LA WorkPlace Training (AWPT)

A2LA WorkPlace Training (AWPT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the highest-quality professional training and consulting services in the fields of management systems, conformity assessment, and precision measurement. We work to continuously prove ourselves as an industry leader by providing training and consultancy services that exceed customer expectations, demonstrate industry-proven techniques, and provide tangible value to our customers. Our services make use of technology and professional education techniques to deliver information in a way that is effective and accessible. 

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About A2LA

A2LA, the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation, is dedicated to the formal recognition of competent testing and calibration laboratories, medical laboratories, biobanking facilities, inspection bodies, product certification bodies, proficiency testing providers, and reference material producers.  With over 3700 actively accredited certificates representing all 50 US states and more than 50 countries, A2LA is among the largest accreditation bodies in the world and the only independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit internationally recognized for its conformity assessment accreditation services.

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Main Contact:
Julie Keyser
Accreditation Specialist

Email: jkeyser@a2la.org


(301) 644 - 3248

Company Address:

5202 Presidents Court, Suite 220

Main Contact:
Robert E. Benz
Sales Engineer/Account Manager

Email: rbenz@horizonlims.com


(919) 896-7813

Company Address:

8601 Six Forks Road,

Suite 160, Raleigh, NC 27615


HORIZON is today’s approach to lab information management, based on more than 30 years of industry leadership. Some of the most mission-critical marketplaces apply our product – each one important to millions every day. From water/environment labs to government public health labs to private clinical labs, HORIZON is designed to be the LIMS of choice for any size lab. If you collect, process and test samples, HORIZON is your lab’s solution. 

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About IAS


IAS is a nonprofit, public-benefit corporation that has been providing accreditation services since 1975. IAS accredits a wide range of companies and organizations including governmental entities, commercial businesses, and professional associations. IAS accreditation programs are based on recognized national and international standards that ensure domestic and/or global acceptance of its accreditations. IAS receives funding revenue through the provision of accreditation services, and the renewal of these services, as well as training offerings.  These revenues are further used to participate and engage in developing industry based accreditation programs, domestic and international  schemes including participation in standards development. IAS also maintains signatory status in a number of global multilateral recognition arrangements under Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC), International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). IAS is a member of the ICC Family of Solutions.

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Main Contact:

Email: iasinfo@iasonline.org

Phone: +1 (562) 364-8201

Company Address:

3060 Saturn Street, Suite 100
Brea, California 92821, United States


About SyringeFilter.com

Our goal is to bring the highest quality syringe filters, made under rigid manufacturing standards, to the laboratory marketplace at a fair price.


Who we are
SyringeFilter.com, LLC was established by two owners that work in and with laboratories closely, having well over 40 years of combined experience.
Noting the need for assorted syringe filters in many labs, they developed a way to manufacture a fine quality product at a very reasonable price.
Customers have responded positively!

Here are reasons why SyringeFilter.com is fast becoming first choice for many labs nationally:


  • As former laboratory staff, we truly understand the need of a great product, quick shipment and friendly customer service to ensure that you and your laboratory run efficiently.

  • Our syringe filters are manufactured under strict ISO9001 & ISO13485 guidelines.

  • We provide one-time and/or recurring shipments and guarantee our products and our service. 

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Main Contact:
Pete Wilber



(843) 352-3518

Company Address:

1459 Stuart Engals Blvd,

Suite 304, Mt. Pleasant, SC  29464