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Webinar Announcement - PFAS in Consumer Products, Part 6

PFAS in Consumer Products, Part 6

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

This 1 hour webinar starts at:

10:30 am (PT) | 1:30 pm (ET)


Over the past two decades the USEPA and State regulatory agencies have worked to develop standards for addressing PFAS contamination in the environment. These standards depend upon available toxicity information and the rule making process can be lengthy.

With those regulatory processes happening in the background, state legislators took to drafting sweeping laws that would prohibit further use of any and all PFAS in a wide range of products. These bans prohibit the manufacture, sell, distribution, or otherwise use of certain products that contain intentionally added PFAS. These laws have been proposed or enacted in over 30 states nationwide.

Due to the broad language used, the state regulatory agencies are left wondering how they will regulate compliance with these laws. There are a number of technical challenges that range from defining what is representative of “intentional” use, to determining which analytical tools are appropriate for measuring all PFAS.

This presentation will provide background regarding the concern about PFAS in consumer products. A summary of the various state laws, including a look at how the European Union is approach this topic will be included. We will highlight some of the challenges with the laws as written and the varied approach some of the regulatory agencies are taking. Lastly, we will provide a thorough discussion on the implications of a “Total PFAS” measurement and what analytical tools are available for this.


Taryn McKnight PFAS Practice Leader

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