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Water Designated as Essential Function during COVID-19 Emergency

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Hello, Public Water Systems, Partners, and Stakeholders: Provision of Potable Water is an Essential Function It has come to our attention that some Public Water Systems (PWS), partners, and stakeholders may not have the clear understanding about the criticality of drinking water and that it is designated as an essential function to be maintained during emergencies, including the current COVID-19 emergency.  The operation of PWSs and the implementation of all associated activities, (including regulatory oversight, inspections, operations & maintenance, treatment, sampling, laboratory analysis, and others) that support the continued delivery of potable water during this pandemic are essential functions.  If the provision of drinking water is curtailed it could mean the unavailability of water for maintaining sanitation, basic hydration, fighting fires, cooling, dust suppression, and water protection of public health.  That service must continue. Recent citations identifying water as an essential function include the following:

So, being an essential function, those working in the water sector must be flexible and collectively work toward solutions to accomplish the essential tasks and maintain the essential services to which we have committed and of which our communities so critically depend upon.  Thank you.

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