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Videos Now Online - Microplastics Monitoring Subcommittee Kickoff Meeting

This is a message from the State Water Resources Control Board.

Microplastics Monitoring Subcommittee Kickoff Meeting Recording Now Available From the California Trash Monitoring Webinar Series: The California Water Quality Monitoring Collaboration Network and the Trash Monitoring Workgroup are happy to share with you recordings from the Microplastics Monitoring Subcommittee Kickoff Meeting held September 30, 2021. The videos have been placed on YouTube in two different formats. One video contains the meeting sessions all together along with timestamps. We also organized a Playlist with each of the eight sessions as separate videos. This was the last webinar in the Trash Monitoring Webinar Series. The goal of this webinar series was to share our current collective knowledge to support current practices and advances in trash monitoring and the development of data analysis and visualization tools aimed at assessing the effectiveness of policies and practices for limiting the amounts of trash in the environment. Webinars were held monthly starting this past January 2021. Videos from each of the webinar presentations can be watched here. Additional materials can be found on the Network’s website.


VIDEO: Microplastics Monitoring Subcommittee Kickoff Meeting (Entire meeting 2:51:28)

PLAYLIST: Microplastics Monitoring Subcommittee Kickoff Meeting - September 30, 2021 (9 separate videos)

  • Introductory Remarks from Erick Burres and Shelly Moore

  • Microplastics Management Needs and Monitoring Goals of Agencies

Harry Allen (EPA), Scott Coffin (Water Boards), Rebecca Fitzgerald (Water

Boards), Suzanne VanDrunick (EPA)

  • State-of-the-Science and Research Needs

Jeff Wagner (CDPH), Charles Wong (SCCWRP)

  • Monitoring Methods Development Findings

Diana Lin (SFEI)

  • Data Analysis and Modelling Methods

Andrew Gray (UCR)

  • Risk Characterization

Susanne Brander (OSU)

  • Surrogate Method Development Project

Terri Slifko (MWD)

  • Microplastics Subcommittee Formation

Shelly Moore (SFEI, Moore Inst.) and Scott Coffin (Water Board)


Join the California Trash Monitoring Workgroup & Any Of Its Subcommittees

Membership: The California Trash Monitoring Workgroup is open to anyone with an interest in contributing to the development and use of trash monitoring methods for measuring water and ecosystem health!

Membership Benefits:

  • Chance to connect with potential collaborators.

  • Opportunity to participate in method and tool development.

  • Access to multiple datasets.

  • Contribute to science and resources supporting the use of trash monitoring for water quality and ecosystem health.

  • Join one of our four subcommittees (Microplastics, Homeless Encampments, Citizen Science, or Data Standardization, Management, and Coordination)

Emails: Subscribe to the California Trash Monitoring Workgroup email list by visiting, and selecting the box labeled California Trash Monitoring Workgroup listed under Monitoring Council within the tab marked GENERAL INTERESTS.

Contact: Shelly Moore, SFEI & Moore Institute –

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