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September is National Preparedness Month. Does your lab have a plan?

Every week USEPA has released information to help prepare for emergencies. It is important for laboratories to formulate preventive action plans and initiate procedures for emergency situations. Planning ahead and proactive processes will help to identify potential problems. See information below tohelp you prepare your laboratory for an emergency situation.  

Take ONE step today to increase your preparedness.

Stay ahead of the game by making anEmergency Response Plan (ERP)before a disaster occurs. Utilize theERP Template and Instructions to outline strategies, resources, plans and procedures your utility can use to prepare for and respond to an emergency.

Join your state Water and WastewaterAgency Response Network (WARN).Becoming a member of this mutual aid and assistance network before an emergency occurs can make all the difference when your utility needs help.

Enhance laboratory resilience training with the Analytical PreparednessFull-Scale Exercise (AP-FSE) Toolkit. The Toolkit provides guidance for states, water utilities and laboratories to conduct their own exercise and prepare for any disaster.

Use the Water Utility Public Awareness Kit to inform your community about the threats to your water system and motivate them to take action. The Kit provides resources for the most effective communication methods through print, web and television.

Register Today for National Preparedness Month Live Events

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