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News for Citizen/Community Monitors and Watershed Stewardship Organizations

Lakes-a-palooza – Today we continue our Monitoring Monday’s focus on lakes by sharing the most recent issue of LakeLine from NALMS, a video message from the Clean Water Team, My Water Quality and more. Have a laketacular weekend!       


Lakes Appreciation Month Continues! You work and play on them. You drink from them. But do you really appreciate them? Growing population, development, and invasive species stress your local lakes, ponds, and reservoirs. All life needs water; let’s not take it for granted! Take a Dip with the Clean Water Team


LakeLine Issue 40-2: Lake and Watershed Group Primer

This issue of LakeLine from the North American Lake Management Society is intended to serve as a general primer on lakes for the many lake and watershed residents and associations across the landscape who help to safeguard the integrity of our surface waters. We hope the range of articles provides some background on lakes, and that it also empowers these stewards in their efforts.

This issue of LakeLine is open access, and available on the NALMS website for anyone who is interested, so please feel free to share with fellow lake and watershed residents! LakeLine is typically a member benefit, but NALMS thought that the content of this issue was important enough to open it up and share it with whichever groups and individuals wanted to learn more about lakes and lake and watershed groups.


 Standing on the edge of the lake, someone shouted across “how do you get to the other side?” “You are on the other side”, I replied. Why shouldn’t you tell jokes on a frozen lake? It might crack up. Why do lakes never laugh at jokes? They are not fans of dry humor.

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