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NEMC 2020 - The Environment in 2020: Past, Present & Future

Due to concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic, the Symposium Steering Committee has decided to make this year’s Symposium a virtual conference, with the focus on the technical presentations for the NEMC portion of the meeting. This means there will be no committee meetings of The NELAC Institute (TNI) and no training courses. The Conference will feature 139 oral presentations and 40 poster presentations, organized into four (4) tracks, plus four (4) plenary presentations and eight (8) lunch presentations. Attendees can register for the tracks they wish to attend or register for all four tracks at a discounted price. After the conference, attendees can view recordings of all presentations for which they register, as well as all keynote, plenary, and lunch presentations.


Some of the highlights for the week include:

  • A special half-day general session with a keynote speaker focused on the conference theme and updates from EPA program offices;

  • A virtual exhibit program showcasing the latest innovations in environmental monitoring;

  • An innovative new technology showcase; and

  • Two (2) special keynote presentations on the conference theme. 

The titles of the presentations, abstracts, and authors can be found on the NEMC website at

32 Exhibitors at the Environmental Measurement Symposium

The Virtual Symposium Exhibit Program will run from August 3-21, 2020. Meet with instrument manufacturers, laboratory suppliers, LIMS providers, and other laboratory service providers. See the latest innovations in measurement technology, proficiency testing, sample preparation, and laboratory automation. See the complete list of exhibitors

Keynote/Plenary Speakers

MONDAY, AUGUST 3; 12:30pm

Present at the Creation: The 50-year Evolution of Environmental Instrumentation and MethodologyDavid Kennedy, Phenomenex, Inc.



50 Years of Progress in Improving the EnvironmentStan Meiberg, Wake Forest University


EPA Clean Water Act (CWA) Methods ActivitiesAdrian Hanley, USEPA Office of Water


Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) Updates and Current ActivitiesDaniel Hautman, USEPA, OW, OGWDW, SRMD, TSC


EPA’s SW-846 Methods Program: Current Activities and Path ForwardChristina Langlois-Miller, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


A History of EPA Regulations and How They Created the Environmental Testing IndustryJerry Parr, The NELAC Institute


About the National Environmental Monitoring Conference

The Environmental Measurement Symposium is the combined meeting of the Forum on Laboratory Accreditation and the National Environmental Monitoring Conference (NEMC). The symposium is co-sponsored by The NELAC Institute (TNI) under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).  


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