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Important Info about the January 1st TNI Compliance Date

TNI Compliance is REQUIRED on January 1st – Is your lab ready?

As of January 1, 2024, every laboratory, regardless of certificate expiration date, is required to implement the 2016 TNI Standard incorporated by reference in ELAP’s regulations. ELAP will be verifying compliance! Read on to learn how and make sure your laboratory is prepared.

Laboratories located in California If your laboratory has already had an assessment to the TNI Standard, whether by a third-party provider or ELAP, you can breathe easy! Nothing more is needed from you at this time. We already have record of your assessment and congratulate you on your success! Friendly reminder to be sure you are scheduling your next assessment for the right time frame by using our new and improved Scheduling Tool, available on the right side of ELAP's main webpage. We encourage you to plan early to make sure your assessment is complete before your next renewal application is due!

If you have not been assessed to the TNI Standard, ELAP will send your laboratory a written request asking for information about your plan to be assessed to the TNI Standard and requiring submittal of your TNI-compliant Quality Assurance Manual at that time. We will begin sending these notices directly to laboratories in January.

Laboratories located outside of California If you are accredited via reciprocity, your laboratory may only apply for accreditation with ELAP using accreditation from a TNI-recognized accreditation body starting January 1, 2024. For federally regulated drinking water contaminants, this accreditation must be granted by a TNI-recognized state accreditation body. For non-drinking water or CA specific analyses, your accreditation may be granted by either a TNI-recognized state accreditation body or a TNI-recognized state accreditation body or a TNI-recognized nongovernmental accreditation body. Websites for each are below.

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