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How to Read Coliform Tests Anytime – Day or Night

Test 24/7 with Tecta

With easy-to-start tests and automated sample reads, IDEXX Tecta® means you can test samples anytime. Tecta is a complete, self-contained automated microbiology testing system. The method is U.S. EPA-approved for detecting total coliform and E. coli in drinking water.* Results are sent anytime, anywhere by email – with positive results available within hours.

There is no need to delay testing based on a read window. With Tecta, you can be responsive during main breaks, construction, and more – without calling in staff for overtime.

Traditional testing window
IDEXX Tecta testing window
  • Start the sample when it comes in. No reason to reject samples or delay testing because the lab isn’t open during the read window.

  • Positive results within hours. You don’t need to wait until tomorrow to see a positive – you’ll be notified of positives immediately via email.

  • Easy-to-use interface. Operators or other personnel can be trained to start tests if lab staff are not available.

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