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ELAP Updates FOA Tables to include 2021 Methods Update Rule (MUR) Changes

Attention Wastewater and Ambient Water Laboratories!

The Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program has updated its Field of Accreditation (FOA) Tables to include to include 2021 Methods Update Rule (MUR) changes at the request of the State Water Board and promulgation by the US EPA. This extensive update impacts all wastewater and ambient water FOA Tables and includes both newly approved Alternative Test Procedure methods as well as updates to the method versions. ELAP has created a new 2021 Method Update Rule webpage which contains guidance documents, implementation assistance, and instructions on how to apply for and receive an updated certificate. One highly requested guidance document is a 2021 MUR Changelog which identifies every analytical method and versions that are added or replaced by a newer version.

This webpage, as well as ELAP policy and guidance materials, were developed with input from several members of the laboratory community. ELAP iterated on their questions, suggestions, and comments throughout the development process, with community members providing valuable input and information. ELAP would like to thank those who participated and offered assistance.

Please visit the materials on the 2021 Method Update Rule webpage for specific guidance and instructions on how your laboratory could obtain accreditation for methods specific to the Methods Update Rule.

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