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CA ELAP Annual Update to the State Water Board

This is a message from the State Water Resources Control Board.

The California Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program and the Environmental Laboratory Technical Advisory Committee Chairperson, Judith Morgan, will provide an annual update at the next State Water Board meeting. The agenda for the March 1, 2022 Board meeting can be accessed at: The remote meeting information for the March 1, 2022 Board Meeting can be reviewed here: To request to speak on an item and to receive the meeting password: BEFORE OR ON THE DAY OF THE BOARD MEETING

The Clerk will respond to your form with the password for the meeting. Should you have any questions or problems please send an email to: If you do not submit a form, you cannot participate in the Zoom meeting until you receive an email with the password. This means you may need to begin watching the webcast available at:

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