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Attention PFAS Testing Laboratories!

EPA 1633 and draft method EPA 1621 are now available for accreditation!

The Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program has updated its Field of Accreditation (FOA) Table to include EPA 1633 and the draft method EPA 1621 at the request of the State Water Board. These methods were requested for non-potable water analysis only and can be found on Field of Accreditation Table 111: Semi-Volatile Organic Constituents in Non-Potable Water.

The State Water Board requested ELAP to offer the newest edition of EPA 1633, currently draft 3, as changes to the method are expected to be minimal for non-potable water samples as this method is finalized by US EPA. The State Water Board additionally requested one analyte which is not included in the EPA 1633 analyte list, Perfluorohexadecanoic Acid (PFHxDA), due to detections in a small number of samples tested during the Investigative Orders. These Investigative Orders are still active and require the use of “DoD QSM Version 5.1 or newer”. Laboratories should verify with their client which method can be utilized for their monitoring.

Laboratories may apply for these methods by submitting an application and relevant documentation, including an on-site assessment from an approved Third Party Assessment Agency and passing Proficiency Tests.

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