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2023 LabXpo: This is Happening!

You're invited to join the 2023 LabXpo Sustainability digital event on March 28

  • A one-day program featuring industry experts who will share their experiences in developing a “greener” lab.

  • Learn about the latest equipment and technology you can use to develop a less wasteful, more efficient lab facility.

  • Discover new strategies to create a greener work environment.

  • Understand the questions you need to ask when determining what kind of equipment to use for your lab.

  • Find out how investing in a green lab will not only help the environment but also improve your lab’s bottom line.


March 28 • From 11 a.m. EST


JOIN US for this one-of-a-kind digital event

FREE of charge for our audience

LIVE Q&A at the end of every session

STAY TUNED for more updates

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