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Tech Talk - Hazardous Waste in Labs

Chemistries of Hazardous Waste with Paul Canevaro of US Ecology

January 26, 2023

12 PM - 1 PM PST

Day to day laboratory activity generates waste, in some cases, hazardous waste. Where does the hazardous waste go? Once it has left the laboratory, who deals with it and how is it safely dealt with? Paul Canevaro from US Ecology will discuss how this waste is characterized and safely disposed.

Mr. Canevaro has a BS degree in chemistry and has worked in the environmental laboratory industry for 44 years. He has owned and or operated commercial environmental laboratories in Alabama, Florida, and Texas. He is currently Senior Manager of Laboratory Services for US Ecology, a Republic Services Company. The US Ecology division of Republic Services is mainly focused on the treatment and disposal of industrial and hazardous waste. In his current role, he is responsible for the technical operations of 15 laboratories in the US and Canada. He has worked in this position for the past 10 years.

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