ELAP updates FOA for non-potable water

In response to a request from the Division of Water Quality for the recently adopted winery general order, the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP) updated its field of accreditation (FOA) offerings for Non-potable Water analysis. ELAP added the following offering in FOA Table(s) 108.

Table 108: Inorganic Constituents in Non-Potable Water

Subgroup Code Analyte Code Parameter Analytical Method

108.077 002 Residue, Fixed SM 2540 E-2011

Filterable (FDS)

To view the changes to the FOA Table, visit ELAP's Application or ELAP Forms webpage. Laboratories are encouraged to stay informed by regularly visiting the ELAP webpage for the latest announcements and to ensure that the current version of the FOA Tables are used when submitting an application.

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