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ELAP and A2LA Workplace Training announce the 2016 TNI Quality System Documentation Workshop

This training is designed to help laboratories implement the 2016 TNI Quality System.

Registration for the first two Zoom sessions is now open! The workshop runs from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm (PT) with a break from noon to 1:00 pm on both days. Click your preferred date below to register! Only one person from each laboratory may sign up at this time.

More dates coming soon!

What will you learn?

This virtual workshop is an 8-hour overview of the 2016 TNI Standard Quality System requirements that provides all the materials you need to create a quality system for your laboratory! Class sizes are capped at 30 students per session to allow for interaction and discussion with the expert instructor and your classmates.

You will receive the following learner materials about 2 weeks before your confirmed workshop date. Attendees should review the materials and note any questions you have before coming to the training.

  • Templates: Fillable templates for 14 policies and procedure (Volume 1, Module 2) that can be directly implemented in your laboratory.

  • Requirements & Explanations: An extensive document describing the requirements, explanations, and context for key areas of the Standard with which accredited laboratories have historically struggled. They also include potential solutions your laboratory can customize for itself.

  • Examples of Policies & Procedures: Compliant and non-compliant policies and procedures are provided with explanations for why they do or do not comply with the 2016 TNI Standard. At least 3 compliant examples are provided for each clause covered in the course to help your laboratory implement a solution that best suits your processes.

  • Job Aid: A “quick-look” tool that can be used immediately in your laboratory to identify where the TNI Standard requires policies, procedures, and records. It can function as a quick checklist to ensure your laboratory complies.

How can other staff benefit from this workshop? Future sessions will be recorded and edited to create a final workshop recording that will be posted to the ELAP website so all your laboratory staff can watch it.

Is there anything else I need to know? Take advantage of the Zoom breakout rooms that will be open during lunch for attendees to network, ask specific TNI questions, and share stories. Don’t worry if you don’t get a seat in these two sessions – there are more dates to come! As more become available we will announce them and post them on our webpage.

Visit ELAP’s homepage at

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