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California Water Quality Monitoring Council

Hello, Public Water Systems and Interested Parties: The novel corona virus and the disease associated, COVID-19, poses significant challenges to public water systems (PWSs) and the communities that they serve.  The provision of potable water to your customers is an essential function.

This attached guidance offers suggestions on ways to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on the operation of PWSs and to support the continued delivery of potable water during this pandemic.  It is necessary that PWSs provide ongoing water quality monitoring and reporting in accordance with laws, regulations and permit requirements.  All recommendations are based on information available and may be amended or added to as information develops. 

Also attached is a fact sheet for the public released by the State Water Board explaining that state-required drinking water treatment processes remove viruses, including the COVID-19 virus.  The fact sheet may help you respond to inquiries from your community about the drinking water they are served. Thank you.

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