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  Questions:  ​


  1. How do I get my lab accredited?

  2. How do I get certified?

  3. How can I ask a question about lab procedures?

  4.  Where can I find the California Open Data Handbook?

  5. What is AB1755?

  6. Here can I access the Open Data Portal?

  7. What is my FOT (Field of Testing)?



2. You can find the California Open Data Handbook Here:

3. you can chat with us Monday through Friday 9am to 5 pm through the chat feature on our website. 


4. Assembly Bill -1755 is the The Open and Transparent Water Data Act: The Open and Transparent Water Data Act (AB 1755, Dodd) requires the Department of Water Resources, in consultation with the California Water Quality Monitoring Council, the State Water Resources Control Board, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, to create, operate, and maintain a statewide integrated water data platform; and to develop protocols for data sharing, documentation, quality control, public access, and promotion of open-source platforms and decision support tools related to water data.

A team of partner agencies is collaborating with and learning from others – including State and federal agencies, data experts, data providers, and data consumers – to chart a successful path forward.

To read the full bill

For a full summary of what AB 1755 means for labs please the California Departments of Water Resources website.

6. You can access the California Open Data Platform by visiting
Please be sure to create a login to access the portal. 

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